A Lion of an Easter Egg at Beechwood Fine Foods

lions-easter-eggToby and Sarah Murray, owners of the town centre Farm Shop in Tring, Hertfordshire, will be assisting Tring Lions’ fundraising efforts by raffling a giant Easter Egg.  The competition closes at 1pm on Easter Saturday 19 April 2014.

As a new and alternative way of raising funds, Tring Lions approached Beechwood Fine Foods – and five other local companies – to sell raffle tickets to win one of six giant eggs.  To participate, a person must write their name and contact details on a 100 square grid, donating £1 per entry per square.  Tring Lions hope to raise between £300-£400 in total from the eggs, weighing in at 1 kilo each and made by John Bull Confectioners of Yorkshire – manufacturers of chocolate, biscuits, nougat and traditional seaside rock.

Tring Lions have been supporting individuals and organisations in Tring and the surrounding villages since 1973, via donation and volunteer work at fetes, quiz nights, carol concerts, wine tasting and the charity bookshop in Hemel Hempstead.

“As always, we are delighted to support this really worthwhile cause in Tring and we will do our best to sell as many tickets as possible”, said Toby, “without giving in to temptation to sample it first!”  Beechwood Fine Foods will be open on Good Friday and on Easter Saturday, but closed Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

For further information, visit the farm shop at 42 Frogmore Street in Tring, or contact Toby and Sarah Murray on tel: 01442 828812.

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