Great taste at Beechwood Fine Foods – it’s official!

Sarah Murray, proprietor of Beechwood Fine Foods in Tring, Hertfordshire, has recently received three Gold awards at the Guild of Fine Foods ‘Great Taste Awards 2013’.  The Guild is nationally recognised for promoting excellence in speciality foods in the independent retail sector.

As Sarah explained, “The Gold Awards are rated 1, 2 or 3 stars and 1 star products are described as ‘perfect’, 2 stars are ‘faultless’ and three stars ‘wow you must taste this product’!”  50 days of judging 9,700 food and drink products from 2,100 producers saw these fabulous awards for Sarah’s own-brand jams, preserves and chutneys:

  • Beechwood Fine Foods Victoria Plum Jam – Gold 2 star award
  • Beechwood Fine Foods Boozy Berry Jam –  Gold 1 star award
  • Beechwood Fine Foods Old Doverhouse Chutney –  Gold 1 star award

The judge’s comments identified Sarah’s Plum Jam as “beautifully made with great texture,” and an “excellent balance of acidity and sweetness“.  The Berry Jam was regarded “a glorious deep berry colour and wonderful depth of berry flavour, well balanced with the hint of sloe gin,” whilst the Chutney was “well balanced with sweetness and vinegar.”  Fine praise indeed!

An extensive promotional campaign in support of Great Taste Award winning foods will commence in September; Taste Gold, the Guild of Fine Food’s annual guide to award winning foods will participate in more than 80 major food exhibitions and festivals around the country, directing consumers to stores which signify a food or drink really has been independently proven to be the finest.


“I’m absolutely delighted with the results!” continued Sarah.  “Great Taste is completely independent and uncompromisingly rigorous.  It’s trusted by retailers, buyers and consumers.  This year I entered only a limited range of products to see the feedback.  With this positive news I will certainly be entering more next year; either seasonal specials such as Raspberry and Redcurrant or one or more of our regular range, including my renowned Piccalilli!”

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